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Day 6- IHOP

on May 25, 2013

IHOP does NOT have olive oil…. Day 6 is starting off well….


I got the fruit and broccoli … When I got back to the house I made some eggs with salsa and avocado to round out the meal 🙂 I do have to say I am being very picky here.. you are allowed Canola oil on the Whole30, I just chose not to for the first week to really help detox. I’m sure I will go back again and gladly take the egg omelette I really wanted. I have to admit our waitress was soooo amazing at checking on what was in the food for me and helping me to try to find something to eat… definitely Whole30 friendly. If you want eggs that don’t have anything added ask for “Shell Eggs” that means they will just crack and egg open and cook it with no additives… thank you IHOP for making the morning challenging, but informational!

I took a beautiful 5 mile walk on the green way at lunchtime! The weather was gorgeous and finally my energy is back!!


Lunch was one I had to force down, and not because it wasn’t tasty, but because I wasn’t hungry! At all. It had been 4 hours since breakfast and I knew dinner would be coming up soon, so I made myself eat something. Lunch was all food I got in my locally grown sustainable garden box (family gets it each Friday) foods are in season and so delicious ….LUNCH!!


Lettuce, Blueberries, Chicken and homemade avocado dressing (still needs dome tweaking).

I decided to try something from yesterdays Whole30 Daily e-mail. Moroccan Meatballs. It was neat, I’ve never made my own meatballs let alone my own sauce! Below are the meatballs, I should have chopped up the parsley a bit more, but it still came out fine!


After about 40 minutes of simmering it looks like this…



I had sautéed some onions and summer squash earlier, and so i poured this over top… It was so delicious! And such a needed break from chicken and olives!!!! I had some farmers market home roasted peanuts as my fat, and squeezed in a berry mix for a summery dessert!

Day 6- You were fun!


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