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It’s been a journey!

hello, it’s need more than a year since my last post and it been a journey to say the least. But I’m turning a new leaf in most areas of my life and need to hash out details filling my brain so I thought I’d start up on here again!

I applied to grad school again and didn’t get in. Going to give it one more year, feeling more confident this time. I’m retaking a class to bring a B to an A, have two new internships to add to my resume, and I’m going to have each application submitted months before the due date! 

I’m starting a sugar detox, going to try to go all 21 days this time, only made it  8 last time! But I can do this!! So Day 1 is today! Doing great so far ๐Ÿ™‚

Recovery from surgery is going well, the shoulder is still weak (it was dislocated last August) but each day it gets stronger and I regain range of motion! I can’t wait until it’s fully healed! 

I finished an at home DIY project this weekend!! Made myself a meditation Hammock Stand!  

I’ve already used it once and the swinging therapy is already well in affect! It was also nice to do something for myself, I feel very selfish making something for me… But it was very rewarding to complete this by myself for myself!

I’ve also recently switched the clients I work for, which has been a much needed change of pace! 

Friends in my personal life are changing as well. I’m starting down a path of discovering what I really need, what really makes me happy and what I can live without. I’m on day 3 and i already feel better! 
Today has been a good day so I’m feeling very positive. I’m sure there will be bumps in the road ahead but for now I’m content. 

I leave you with this!


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The transitions into maintenance!

So a lot has happened in the last week and I wanted to keep you posted.

Gluten-free has been maintained… However in the hopes to make this more of a lifestyle change rather then just a quick cold turkey switch to paleo I am still eating grains. And with seasonal depression mixed with an injury and missing gluten all swooped into one…. My equation left me in a pile of gluten-free sweets feeling miserable.

Miserable emotionally for the sadness of giving up foods forever, with a hint of despair and hopelessness that I’d fail yet another switch and join in on the “gained-it-all-back” trend.

So I did the unthinkable… I sat down during week three when I felt just retched with a single Krispie Kreme donut and a Samoa girls out cookie on a plate, with a knife and fork and made myself enjoy ever gluten filled bite. In the end I realized two things.

A) gluten is delicious, however once you start to cleanse your body of it, the side effects are brutal. I spent the rest of the day chugging water to keep my acid reflux symptoms at bay.

B) life will go on. I just need to keep mental tabs on it and make sure the choices I’m making are thoughtful mindful ones. (Like eating a donut with a knife and fork and really savoring it)

Since my delightful treat I haven’t craved a cookie, or brownie and am on the road to recovery ๐Ÿ˜‰

What’s flared up since then is a sensitivity to ALL GRAINS. I have been eating a lot of rice, as a way to compensate for not having meals prepared. And in the past three days Any grains I have consumed have caused a slight swelling in the back of my throat. I thought on one occasion that I was actually choking on something and drank close to 40 oz of water to try to clear it out.

Nothing stuck in there…. Just a super sensitivity to grains appearing.

This is actually an ok thing. My goal is to slowly month by month become more primal in my diet. January I removed all gluten. February I will be GRAIN free. (Or as close to that as I can be!) I want to weed things out slowly and work mentally through my hold ups with certain foods.

2 years ago I would have had a melt down over not being able to eat a whole box or two of Girl Scout cookies. Baby steps!!

It’s all been a process and it’s a new way of making this transitions. Learning how to trust my own food making decisions and not following a step by step plan that let’s me mindlessly follow perfectly. Following perfectly is easy…. Making my own decisions is hard!!!!

That is my soap box!

Have a great Super Bowl weekend!!!


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Girl Scout cookies

Things you discover when you go gluten-free…. The world of Girl Scout cookies as you know it…. Is over.



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Gluten free continues

Well it’s been three weeks… And boy has a lot happened!

Gluten free has been great! My hemroid shrunk in size, by half! And after a visit to the doctor he said some medicated cream my help heal it the whole way. While I am opposed to all types of meds…. I gave it a shot and my hemroid is healed! I really like this doctor as well, he was totally in agreement the getting rid of foods that cause inflammation was the first step! And now that it’s gone I won’t need any type of surgery!

I have eaten one thing containing gluten…. There was some snuck into the sushi I was eating, I didn’t read close enough to the menu and after the second bite realized part of my sushi had tempura in it!! Oops! But other then that gluten free has been good!

I have added some substitutes like gluten free bread and desserts, but now I’m adding in too many substitutes and I am going to start backing away from this by removing grains as well. I think this will also help me steer clear of sweets.

Sugar seems to be my biggest downfall at the moment, but I am plugging away! The goal this year is to gradually switch over and get rid of all the foods I gave up cold turkey during my Whole30.

So far gluten and legumes are out of the picture completely! Dairy and sugar and grains are next on the list. But I want to do it slowly to see what it triggers…

Ex when I eat rice I always crave some type of sugary dessert afterwards. So I’m hoping by eliminating all grains this need for a sugar cap at the end of each meal will go away!

Using my body as an experimental tool! It’s fun, let’s see how it helps!

Also injuries have arisen… Either due to old age, but I’m thinking it’s grains. I damaged my right rotator cuff muscles and that lead to a pinched nerve in my neck. My friend tried giving up gluten and noticed that it helped joint pain some but only when she gave up all grains that her joint aches and pains went away completely. Its the next step in healing from with in.

But I did have a neck realignment for a pinched nerve, it felt amazing to relieve the pressure on the nerve, but my neck is very sore at the moment…. Hoping that heals soon. That was all caused by inflammation in my shoulder… rest, ice and ibuprofen have been helping that.

Going to attempt to go back to working out this week, with super modified movements to see if I can begin to strengthen those muscles.

Slowly but surly I’m moving in the right direction.

I need to work on water intake, and staying positive! I’m getting there!


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Gluten Free Twenty Fourteen



Haven’t blogged in a while, and if that is a sign of anything, it’s a red flag for slacking, eating mindlessly, and shamefully hiding my lazy from the world.

However, it’s a new year, and I lucked out and got a jump start on health by starting my new journey last week!

Feeling sluggish and fat from all the Thanksgiving and Christmas party treats… My pants fit tighter, my alcohol intake was increasing, and my will to stay strict paleo had all but become extinct. I had two weeks free of work outs and my body began to ache from non-movement. My will power was dwindling and I found myself one night staring at the bottom of an empty cookie jar left only with crumbs after a 2 hour eating binge. My body felt sick from sugar, one night causing me to throw up from nausea!!

Not to mention the list of ailments that have arisen since adding gluten, dairy and legumes back into my diet. I have a hemroid that has been growing in size, sprained my ankle during the Simple task of jumping on a trampoline, injured my rotator cuff playing disc golf and furthered the injury that night at bowling. It seemed like overnight all the strength and health my body had gained was falling apart.

So I started by switching out sugar/alcohol filled drinks with water! The impact of getting 100 oz of water a day is amazing. Your skin begins to clear, your breath starts to smell better, bowel movements are more plesent (especially with a hemroid) and it’s the open door to health.

I then added back in some private training session with Andrew! He helped me to strength train and work with my injuries to get stronger! Plus I finally took the plunge and upgraded my weights from 8’s to 12’s!! The impact has been amazing! Don’t be afraid of a heavier weight!!! You can do it!!

Now that the new year has rolled in, and the lurking age of 30 looms in the distant month if May, I have 5 months and 19 days to reach my ultimate goal of 170 pounds.

I have 30 to lose… And with dedication and motivation I should make it!

My motto for 2014 is:

Gluten Free Twenty Fourteen!

I will also be decreasing dairy products and sugar intake. I always go Alcohol free in January and February, it’s nice to start off the new year sober!

However, I know my body functions at a higher level when I am totally gluten/grain free! So my goal is to go the entire year and explore food with this dietary goal!

I shall post photos from today and weights and measurements later! But for now! I’m trying to stay positive and create a healthy new year ahead!

Happy 2014!


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Day 30!!!

So today marks the day! The last day of this Whole30! I have to say It was nice to flush out some inflammation caused by the bad habits i’d let slip in! And I’m really impressed with my photos as well! I didn’t think I had changed very much, but there is quite an improvement! It feels like everything is shrinking, which isย  a nice feeling! Now for the stats!

September 1:
Weight: 204
BMI: 31.8
Bust: 41″
Waist: 40″
Hip: 45″
Thigh: 26.5″
Arm: 13″

September 30: (When I started May 20th)
Weight: 192……….(start: 217.2)
BMI: figuring out today……….(start: 35.5)
Bust:ย 39″…………….(start: 45″)
Waist:ย 37″…………..(start: 46.5″)
Hip: 43.5″…………..(start: 47″)
Thigh: 26″…………..(start: 27.75″)
Arm: 13″…………….(start: 13.25″)











It’s not an easy road, but no life style change is! Work hard, and play harder! IT’s been quite the journey so far, and it’s only beginning!

YEA for being healthy!!

-Stephanie B

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Day 23!

One more week!!! It’s bitter sweet, I’m glad to not have to focus so much on being perfect, but with that comes great responsibility! That means I have to make the choice to not drink alcohol, and to get a salad instead of French fries….. Bah!

I did get there really nice compliments on how much weight I’ve lost, it’s been a really good positive reinforcer of my progress! A photo is at the bottom!

My hair always grows so much during a Whole30, it’s crazy! I’m loving how long it’s getting and super shiny! My nails were also long razors, so I had to chop them down as well!

The other fun thing that happened last time is my tennis shoes get too big. There is literally so much swelling/inflammation in my body that goes away after Day 20, that my shoes get too big! It was also pointed out because I swapped shoes with a friend who wears a size 8 1/2…. I’m normally a 9 or 9 1/2. And 8 1/2 fit like a glove! There is a photo attached as well!

I have a favorite meal I’ve been Nanking for breakfast each day too! I’d show a picture, but I keep devouring it before I remember. I heat bacon grease in a pan, add three eggs, let them fry a little, flip them as one solid unit, kind of like a monster 3-ply eggs over-easy. Once the whites cook (but yolk is still runny, about 3 minutes) I slide into plate… Then sautรฉ mushrooms onions and tons of spinach until soft…. Top the eggs with this mixture, and voila!

It’s delicious!!!

It’s going to be a fun final week! Then the reintroduction phase ๐Ÿ™‚

– Stephanie B



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Day 15

Just a little progress photo, because I wore a dress I hadn’t worn in months and noticed some big changes!


Yea! Being healthy is so rewarding sometimes ๐Ÿ™‚

– Stephanie

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Day 9…10….11

Ok so I have been filling this post in for 3 days!!! Lets see if i can finish it! I was looking at the calendar and suddenly thought Holy Cow I am 1/3 done ๐Ÿ™‚


-my cyst on my head is continuing to heal. I’m taking antibiotics to help with the infection. This has somehow killed all my healthy probiotics and I have come down with a bad head/sinus cold. I’m trying to stay on top of the good going in but I’m so drained physically that I’m just hoping at this point to get through the day! (That was day 9). Today (day 11) my new antibiotics my doctor gave me, are working much better! Cyst is almost healed and my cold has diminished very nicely! Finally getting some energy in my reserve banks back!

-Camp Gladiator started back up, on day 3 of week 1…. Beginning part of the week was tough. I went a whole week with out working out and it took my muscles a few days to remember how to do this stuff again! But by today I was feeling pretty good! And we got to play with a heavy fire hose, so that was fun!!

I’ve been playing with my food and making all kinds of new meals. Below are some pictures of things I’m eating!




The puffed coconut/egg thing looks pretty but it didn’t taste nearly as good as I thought it would, but hey it was something new!

Whew… Ok Day 11… Lets do this!


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Day 6


While it hasn’t been the easiest week emotionally…. The food has definitely been the least of my concern!

Grabbing for healthy food has become second nature (when I do a W30) but I am going to plan ahead for the next few weeks to make sure I can keep up with the morning work out craziness! (Side note: I think working out really helps! It gets my energy going and keeps me in my toes, I’ve really missed it this week!)

Emotionally, I’ve been out if it after Labor Day not wanting to go to class, car broke down right before Wednesdays class so I was late to psyc. the day of exam review. And Thursday I slept through my alarm and missed an easy 100 on a lab quiz…. Running to McDonald’s seemed so easy to cure my anger, but tears came instead as I ate my apple…. And it was what I needed really! All the emotion is out and I feel much clearer today!

I also had to go to the doctor Wednesday I have a cyst that popped on my head, and it’s now infected. So I have some antibiotics that I’m on. I’m combatting that with lots of kombucha and sauerkraut! Giving me as many probiotics as my body can take!!

As a treat today for breakfast I added Ghee to my coffee. I haven’t done it for months because butter and coffee just don’t sound like two things you should mix…. But I did! And it’s delicious!!


A nice treat before my exam today!

-Stephanie B

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